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Authentic Spirituality
NOT Commercial Spirituality !

My friend Ruby (a New Zealand Falcon)

 and I at Wingspan in Rotorua

I believe that my plan for "Free Entry" to "Our" shows is on the right track in these tough economic times.
How time flies, on Sept 2015 we celebrated the eighth birthday of us organising shows under this banner. In that time our spiritual family has continued to evolve, the universe is connecting me with the people required to spread our energies across this land. According to the other exhibitors all our shows so far have had a nice energy about them and they have been happy to return to the venue. To me this is our gauge of success..... As an organiser I consider that I need to ensure my exhibitors are happy with the event and that our customers are happy by the time they leave the venue.

My Advice to you all as you enter this web site:
"Disconnect your Brain, Open your Heart and Listen"
The Brain is for processing logic, we are talking about Energy and passion,
so the Heart is the correct tool to use

Blessings Pete - aka Lumos

Our Drum Circles and Fire and Drum Nights

The beauty of a drum circle is that it brings people from all paths together. I love to celebrate my spirituality by being around the positive energy of drum circles.

We often run a drum circle on the Saturday night of the Spiritual shows I organise. These generally run from 7.30pm to 9.30pm using the same venue as the show and again we welcome all levels of drummers, there is a $2 charge per adult towards the venue and spare drums are available for hire ($5 for the evening). If you don't know how to drum we give free lessons at the start of the night. Click here for dates and venues.


Some of my Favorite Websites

NZ's Burning Man Festival - Kiwiburn

       Prana's Awesome Festivals

For more websites please see our links page







Why we originally created the Mind Body and Spirit collective

When one of the major Mind, Body & Spirit organizations announced it was closing down I got together with other stall holders to see what they were doing wrong…. the answer soon came…. they had moved away from the spiritual basis the shows used to be about, they had become commercialized, and were too busy making a profit at the expense of both exhibitors and the public who came to the shows.
We saw that if we did not need to make a big profit we could reduce the costs to the stall holders and the public who were attending the show, then some of the stall holders could pass on these reduced costs by lowering their fee’s and thus more people could afford to come and partake of the benefits offered.
With these reduced costs we could share our experiences with folk from smaller towns that had not been cost effective before.
... A win-win solution for all….

Designing and creating this website has been done by me

"with a little help from my friends"


I Picked Green as the background colour for my website because it is a natural  'growing colour',  if you go out in nature on a regular basis the colour green can support you to listen to your true heart's desires. This will enable you to experience which direction you want to go and make decisions accordingly. Start wearing green tops, t-shirts, blouses or shirts in order to give yourself 'green' light' to go forward in life. 'Eat your Greens' has been sound advice for generations. The brightness of the green represents the fresh green of new spring foliage (by "Co-incidence" Spring 2008 is when the website actually sprouted forth onto the internet).


The Celtic theme reflects me and my thoughts, to me the Dragon is a creature of protection  and so a Celtic Dragon seemed very appropriate. (in Western civilisation the Dragon's bad reputation was purely because he had a poor Public Relations Manager, unlike Eastern civilisation where the Dragon was well respected and loved).