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Hi…. My name is not Earl,... no it’s Pete aka Lumos….

I was not always the caring spiritual “child of the universe” I am now.

No excuses, I made some mistakes, nothing big, just little mistakes, part of my learning process. If we are honest with ourselves, all of us have at some point.

My life has changed considerably; I have now learnt my lesson and am working to redeem myself in my own eyes.

Rather than a list of wrongs to undo I am working to help others who need help, usually complete strangers. My advice and time I give free to those who want it, as a drum circle facilitator I help create and support drum circles, as a crystal healer I run workshops, give advice and often a crystal free to those who I feel need it but can’t or won’t buy it.....

I define myself as "an Energy Junkie", that's why I enjoy playing with Crystals, Drums, Fire and Singing Bowls, etc.... we are all Energy Creatures, some more so than others.....

I enjoy working with and helping those who realize they have a problem and need help, admitting to your problem is not easy, I help them to see their problem and help them overcome it.

Occasionally one of our customers will come back and make a point of telling us for example how since their child has put their chosen crystals under their pillow they have had no bad dreams, this is a wonderfully satisfying feeling that reminds me how great life can be......

I am a founding member of the Magick Earth Committee and regular organiser of Magick Earth (MEF) Events in the upper North Island

As one of those who encouraged Polli and Ed to create an alternative to the NZ Pagan festival when it went into hibernation in 2004 I was happy to be involved in the organisation of Magick Earth Festivals, when it was decided to create a committee to oversea this growing event I was very happy to become a part of it. One of the things that makes Magick Earth  different is that different people are involved in organising events around the country, anybody can be involved in this project, the different teams help to minimise 'organiser burn out' and give each event a different feel. I continue to organise these wonderful events every year. With the founders closing down Magick Earth I have been given their permission to continue running the events with the same loving community feel and energy but a different name, it's now called MEF.

I am a member of the Kiwiburn 'Excom' organising committee

My first Kiwiburn was 2008 and I immediately found myself at home, this was a festival that is based on many of the same ideas I live my life by, I spent a lot of time creating a photo log of life on the paddock and have continued this each year. In 2009 I took over the job of Pirate Captain, bringing the Pirate ship back to life and adding a small outboard motor so we could venture out into the lake. I also supplied drums and ran drum workshops with Chewy. By the 2010 event I had joined the Excom as well as doing shifts as a Black Sheep Wrangler (our Rangers), MUDFOP (Mug Under Pressure, Finger On Pulse, our event superintendent), and again reviving the Pirate ship. In 2011 I created a small 'Pagan Theme Camp', built a bigger and better replacement pirate ship (after most of it was stolen) and enhanced the lakefront with some shade space. I have plans to be even further involved in this my favourite festival.

I am one of the 4 Regional Representatives for Burning Man here in NZ

After meeting Maid Marian and Megs (key players at BM inc) at Kiwiburn 2010 I put my hand up when the call for people to help out Yonderman in his role as the NZ regional rep, spreading the Burning Man word. I had already been doing this in an unofficial role but this gave me access to people, ideas and information to make the job easier.

Witches and Me    

The Early Witch was a healer who lived in the village and used herbs/oils and other natural energies to help heal.... that's me also.... They can be male or female, I have many friends who are witches and they are lovely people who like me work to help others...

Like many I follow the  'Law of three', 'What you give out you receive back 3 fold'......

I find this also fits well with the 'Pay it Forward' idea that I also follow, Make an effort to help complete strangers with no thought of repayment in any form from them, and encourage them to help other complete strangers..... and the universe will 'See you right'.

This has given me amazing events in my life as the Universe paid me back for helping people I have come across all over the world, often while just standing next to them in a queue

Me and Druids

To me Druids were the Original 'Tree Huggers', they can be male or female and they work with Natures energies, if you have ever stood/sat beside a tree or rock formation and quietly soaked in that awesome energy given off by it then I believe you have some Druid in you....... and that's me also...... I have friends who are Druids and they are lovely people who like me work to help others...

The Druid was also a story teller of old and who here doesn't enjoy a well told story, the story often had a message behind it as that was, and still is a great way to get your message thru to the young and not so young...