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Now That I Have My Crystals, What Do I Do With Them?



Crystal Healing    

Remember Disconnect your Brain and Open your Heart.

I openly admit to being a "Crystalaholic", my interest in crystals was initially for their Beauty, then as time progressed I found that crystals seemed to do some of the things people said they could do.

This became a passion and I have been accused of being a "Purist" because I want people to get their hands on the crystal when they make their choice, that's why we don't try to sell them on the internet, I want you to make a 'Hands on choice'.

How do you Choose ?

There are several excellent books out there.... we sell them....

Love is in the earth by Melody - this is was the ultimate book but it has two problems, no pictures and too much stuff, most of the crystals mentioned here are unobtainable in this country. Several supplemental books were also added. It was commonly referred to as "The Bible" by users.

Melody has now published a whole new book with pictures, it's big, expensive, and truly awesome more for serious collectors.

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall - this is a great book for beginners to pretty advanced users, lots of colour pictures and most of the crystals you will find are mentioned in it. It explains how crystals are formed and Chakras and how they work. She has also published Volume 2 with and additional range of crystals to supplement the original book.

The Book of stones by Simmons and Ahsian - this has great pictures and covers some more advanced crystals and features than the smaller and cheaper "Crystal Bible".

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal and Gem Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham

Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue

Now I will encourage you to let go of the book, ignore your Brain (Brains are for processing Logic, Crystals are energy tools) and "Choose with your Heart" (it is the organ built to handle Energy), save the reading till after your heart has chosen the correct crystal you need.

Your body knows what you need and what is the correct crystal for you.......

The good news is that the more you do this the easier it gets, hence the more you trust it and then the more you will continue to do it and so the easier it gets..... etc etc....

Fine I hear you say but what about when you are shopping for a crystal for somebody else.... well the answer here is that you know this person better than me, put them into your mind, picture them... now as above "Choose with your Heart"