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Now That I Have My Crystals, What Do I Do With Them?


An Amethyst Geode
Plain and boring on it's outside but amazingly beautiful inside, it's a reminder that you don't judge the book by it's cover.

Go beyond their exterior and look inside people to find their true beauty.

Given heat and time amethyst transforms into it's next life stage, golden Citrine.

Many of us also transform during our life, a key event (often big and often painfull) triggers our rebirth as a new being

Selenite is lovely for transmitting energy, here it has been cut into a T-lite holder, the light of the flame will flow thru the crystal.

Due to it's great optical properties Selenite looks great sitting on a light base, only a small amount of light is required to illuminate the whole piece.

Word stones.

Taken away from the page, we realise that a single word has great power, these make excellent gifts, and yes rather than wait forever you CAN give yourself a gift.

Agate, very common and a good healing stone.
Here it has been sliced like a loaf of bread, heated and dropped in a dye thus allowing the stone to reveal the patterns hiding inside.
If I changed your colour it would change what you looked like, BUT would it really change the wonderful person that you are ?
Remember don't judge the book by it's cover !.

Like the Amethyst geode, Agate is often hollow, here it has been cut and drilled into a T-lite holder.

The candle is safe inside, the rock can handle the heat and the flicker of light flows thru, lighting up the cut face.

Mookite Jasper from Australia.

Eggs, Slices, Balls, Soap stones, and Wands to name a few of the lovely shapes that crystals can be cut into.

Chakra Necklaces and Bracelet
All Natural here, nothing dyed, A crystal to help balance each of your seven main chakra's.

Some Lovely Lapis Lazuli,
A Ball, Heart, Wand and random tumbled pieces.

Crysocolla sometimes found with Azurite and Malachite

Some Possibilities on Crystal Properties

Remember Disconnect your Brain and Open your Heart.

Abundance: Moss agate, Aventurine, Citrine, Ruby, Tourmaline

Acceptance of self: Mangano Calcite, Chrysoprase, Rhyolite, Sodalite

Anger relieving: Blue lace Agate, Apatite, Apophyllite, Aragonite, Aventurine, Citrine, Howlite, Iron Pyrite, Kunzite, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Lodestone, Muscovite, Peridot, Smithsonite

Anxiety: Apophyllite, Blue Calcite, Iron Pyrite, Kunzite

Addictions - help with: Amethyst, Dioptase, Hematite, Iolite, Staurolite

Addictions - support during release: Lepidolite, Tiger eye

Aura cleansing: Ametrine, Charoite, Flourite, Garnet, Rutilated Quartz, Topaz, Tourmaline

Aura protection: Aquamarine, Citrine, Hematite, Kunzite, Labradorite, Apache Tear, Peridot, Prehnite

Balancing of emotions and intellect: Amethyst, Apatite, Chiastolite, Chrosocolla, Citrine, Jet, Rhodonite, Rhyolite, Serpentine, Sodalite

Blood pressure lowering: Apatite, Blue Calcite, Chrosocolla, Dioptase, Kyanite, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Sodalite

Blood pressure stabilizing: Aventurine,  Charoite, Rhodochrosite

Calming:  Agate, Blue Lace Agate, Apophyllite, Apophyllite, Green Aventurine, Citrine, Howlite, Red Jasper, Snowflake Obsidian, Selenite, Blue Tiger eye

Change acceptance: Chrysanthemum Stone, Chrysocolla, Larimar, Rose Quartz

Change adaptation: Bloodstone, Chalcedony

Change facilitate: Chiastolite, Danburite,  Rhyolite, Seraphinite

Childbirth: Moss Agate, Jade, Moonstone, Peridot, Smithsonite, (Midwife stone - Malachite)

Children hyperactive: Moonstone, Ruby, Green Tourmaline

Children insomnia: Charoite

Communication enhancing: Moss Agate,Apatite, Green Calcite, Celestite,  Chrysocolla, Flourite, Kunzite

Concentration: Agate, Ametrine, Apatite, Aragonite, Carnelian, Citrine, Flourite, Hematite, Lepidolite, Quartz, Smoky Quartz,

Creativity - enhancing: Aventurine, Bloodstone, Celestite, Chalcedony, Citrine, Flourite, Herkimer Diamond, Kunzite, Rhodochrosite

Creativity stimulate: Ametrine, Apatite,Carnelian, Chrysoprase, Garnet, Larimar, Opal

Decision making enhancement: Bloodstone, Charoite

Decision making facilitation: Amethyst

Depression/negativity relief: Moss Agate, Amber, Ametrine, Apatite, Orange Calcite, Citrine , Iron Pyrite, Jet, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Natural rainbow in Quartz , Smoky Quartz, Sapphire, Sardonyx, Staurolite, Tiger eye, Watermellon Tourmaline, Turquoise

Detoxifiers: Apatite, Chlorite, Chrysanthemum Stone, Chrysoprase, Danburite, Dioptase, Herkimer Diamond, Jade, Obsidian, Peridot,  Smoky Quartz, Ruby,  Serpentine, Green Tourmaline, Turquoise

Dreams stimulation: Amethyst, Bloodstone, Malachite, Ruby

Dreams nightmares: Amethyst, Mangano Calcite, Chalcedony, Chrysoprase, Prehnite, Smoky Quartz

Earth healers: Aragonite, Larimar, Lodestone, Malachite, Moldavite, Muscovite, Opal, Phantom Quartz, Sapphire

Electromagnetic smog clearing: Herkimer Diamond, Jasper, Lepidolite, Malachite, Sodalite, Turquoise

Electromagnetic smog  protection against: Amazonite, Flourite, Kunzite, Black Tourmaline

Emotional releasing: Ametrine, Azurite, Chiastolite, Chrosocolla, Flourite, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Malachite, Moldavite, Peridot, Rhodochrosite, Serpentine, Smithsonite, Turquoise, Laser Quartz

Empowerment: Chrosocolla, Cinnabar, Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, Obsidian, Obsidian, Sunstone

Energisers: Apophyllite, Red Calcite, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Charoite, Chrysanthemum Stone, Citrine, Flourite,  Garnet, Jasper, Lodestone, Smoky Quartz, Ruby, Spinel, Variscite

Energy amplifying: Fuchsite, Garnet, Kyanite, Malachite, Quartz, Scepter Quartz

Energy excess: Green Flourite, Fuchsite

Energy saving: Quartz

Energy stagnant: Apatite, Calcite

Energy unblocking: Cinnabar, Larimar, Muscovite, Snowflake Obsidian, Quartz, Black Tourmaline

Entity detachment: Kunzite, Larimar, Selenite, Laser Quartz, Vogal wand

Fear alleviating: Moss Agate, Amazonite, Apophyllite, Orange Calcite, Charoite, Chiastolite, Lodestone, Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Smithsonite, Sugilite

Fertility: Carnelian, Chrysoprase, Moldavite, Scepter Quartz, Moonstone, Cinnabar, Jade, Rose Quartz

Forgivness: Mangano Calcite, Chrysoprase, Apache Tear, Rutilated Quartz, Rhodonite, Sugilite, Topaz

Grief alleviating: Amethyst, Azurite, Lodestone, Sulphur

Grief comforting: Apache Tear

Grief dissolving: Dioptase

Grief releasing: Mangano Calcite

Grounding: Agate, Bloodstone, Hematite, Lodestone, Smoky Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz, Unakite

Growth spiritual: Moldavite, Rutilated Quartz, Tektite, Topaz, Unakite

Hunger reduction: Apatite, Muscovite

Hope: Chrysoprase, Blue Quartz, Variscite

Illusions dispelling: Chiastolite, Flourite, Kyanite, Labradorite, Pietersite, Scepter Quartz

Insomnia: Amethyst, Charoite, Chrysoprase, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Mica, Sodalite, Green Tourmaline

Intelligence stimulation: Amber, Apatite, Lepidolite

Intuition enhance: Aquamarine, Flourite, Malachite, Moonstone, Sunstone, Turquoise

Joy bringers: Chalcedony, Chrosocolla, Citrine, Emerald, Sunstone, Topaz, Green Tourmaline

Love attraction: Celestite, Chrysanthemum Stone, Garnet, Larimar, Magnesite, Lodestone, Rose Quartz, Sugilite, Topaz, Turquoise, Variscite

Love letting go: Rainbow Obsidian

Love - of yourself:  Danburite, Magnesite, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite

Meditation enhancing: Ametrine, Brown Jasper, Picture Jasper, Kyanite, Lodestone, Silver Sheen Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian, Phantom Quartz, Serpentine, Turquoise, Ulexite

Memory enhancement: Amber, Amethyst, Azurite, Calcite, Hematite, Iron Pyrite, Opal

Negativity absorbing: Green Calcite, Chalcedony, Citrine, Green Flourite, Jasper, Malachite, Obsidian, Sardonyx, Sulphur

Negativity dispelling: Amazonite, Amber, Amethyst, Apatite, Aventurine, Calcite, Chrysocolla, Citrine, Emerald, Flourite, Hematite, Jet, Lepidolite, Rainbow Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Smithsonite, Topaz, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Laser Quartz

Negativity transmuting: Amber, Charoite, Citrine, Apache Tear, Green Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Green Tourmaline, Zoisite

Optimism: Moss Agate, Amber, Ametrine, Citrine, Sunstone

Pain relieving: Blue Calcite, Celestite, Dioptase, Flourite, Larimar, Lodestone, Obsidian,  Peridot, Serpentine, Smithsonite, Sugilite, Turquoise

Panic attacks: Kunzite, Smithsonite, Sodalite, Green Tourmaline, Turquoise

Past accessing: Magnesite, Record keeper, Seer stone

Past healing:  Phantom Quartz, Rhodonite, Rhyolite, Serpentine, Unakite

Past letting go: Citrine, Danburite, Peridot, Rutilated Quartz, Smoky Quartz

Peace bringing: Amber, Danburite, Hematite, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, Magnesite, Prehnite, Rose Quartz, Sapphire, Selenite

Positivity:  Carnelian, Dioptase, Emerald, Howlite, Iron Pyrite, Magnesite, Opal, Smoky Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Ruby,Sugilite, Sunstone, Black Tourmaline

Protective: Amber, Amethyst, Celestite, Bloodstone, Boji Stone, Carnelian, Chiastolite, Iron Pyrite, Jade, Jasper, Jet, Kunzite, Labradorite, Malachite, Obsidian, Prehnite, Smoky Quartz, Sardonyx, Staurolite, Tiger eye, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Laser Quartz

Psychic - protection: Amethyst, Chlorite, Flourite, Rutilated Quartz, Ruby, Black Tourmaline

Psychic enhance abilities: Emerald, Purple Flourite, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Quartz, Smithsonite, Tiger eye

Public speaking: Apatite, Kyanite, Turquoise, bridge crystal

Purifiers:  Garnet, Snowflake Obsidian, Peridot, Sardonyx, Turquoise

Rebirthing: Celestite, Chiastolite, Malachite, Smithsonite, Unakite

Relationships enhance: Celestite, Chrysocolla, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Rhodochrosite, soulmate crystal

Relaxation: Blue Calcite, Magnesite, Smoky Quartz, Topaz, Ulexite

Responsibility for yourself: Iolite, Malachite, Peridot

Self acceptance: Mangano Calcite, Chrysoprase, Rhyolite, Sodalite

Self awareness: Apophyllite, Chrosocolla, Lapis Lazuli

Self control: Obsidian, Onyx, Sardonyx, Topaz

Self esteem: Moss Agate, Mangano Calcite Citrine, Fuchsite, Hematite, Iron Pyrite, Opal, Rhodochrosite, Rhyolite, Sodalite, Sunstone, Tiger eye, Tourmalinated Quartz

Self healing: Larimar, Seraphinite, Sunstone

Self knowledge: Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian, Obsidian, Opal

Self love: Magnesite, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Pink Tourmaline

Sensitivity increase: Aquamarine, Chrosocolla, Rose Quartz

Sex enhancement: Garnet, Ruby,

Sex impotance: Morganite, Carnelian, Garnet, Rutilated Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Ruby, Variscite

Sex increasing drive: Flourite, Red Tiger eye, Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline

Shock & Trauma: Mangano Calcite, Fuchite, Rose Quartz, Tangerine Quartz, Rhodonite

Soothing stones: Amazonite, Flourite, Jade, Snowflake Obsidian, Topaz

Soulmate attraction: Larimar, Rhodochrosite, soulmate crystal

Stress - reduction: Apophyllite, Charoite, Flourite, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Peridot, Rhodochrosite

Stress releasing: Moss Agate, Azurite, Dioptase, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Smoky Quartz, Smithsonite, Black Tourmaline

Study aids: Apatite, Calcite, Flourite, Howlite taking tests: Gold Tiger eye

Tranquility: Amethyst, Chrysocolla, Jasper, Kyanite, Larimar, Sapphire, Smithsonite

Trust in yourself: Calcite, Carnelian, Lodestone, Sodalite

Truth promoting: Apatite, Chrosocolla Chrysoprase, Emerald, Kyanite, Obsidian, Topaz

Truth speaking: Celestite, Kyanite

Weight loss: Iolite, Kyanite, Magnesite, Seraphinite, Green Tourmaline 

based on 'The Crystal Bible' by Judy Hall