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Now That I Have My Crystals, What Do I Do With Them?


Crystal Circles

With all these lovely pictures of crystal circles I figured that I should give some explanation of what they are, how they work and why have one.

In all these cases the main circle is made of single terminated clear quartz, that point will decide which way our energy is going to flow, pointing inwards focuses the crystal energy and the energy around us inwards and produces an energising circle, pointing outwards produces a calming relaxing circle as the energy is drained away.

I use simple raw natural points in my circles, they are lower cost and I prefer their raw energy, I have also seen a budget Circle done with landscaping quartz, it doesn't have the terminations and hence you can't control the energy so easily but it was a cheap fun circle.

We can also use other crystals including rose quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, citrine etc to include their energy in our crystal circle. Go with that Heart feeling when building it and choose crystals that will complement what you want to achieve. We have built a quartz circle with an amethyst circle inside that and a rose quarts circle inside that again. You could then stand with both feet in the same circle or one foot in each circle, it was lots of fun to play with.

We have also built one around the base or a beautiful old tree so that we could harness the energy of the tree into our circle.

When building one I recommend working with the earths energy and using a compass to place the largest 4 crystals on the main compass points, then the next 4 placed equally between those points, remember balance is important. A piece of string can help to layout the shape. It also helps to have something special placed in the centre when you are focusing energy inwards. Now evenly place your crystals around the rest of the circle.

So why would you want one ?

As a place to relax it's great, if big enough you can lie down and stretch out

If you want to be energised, come in and stand, sit or lie down it's a great place to play, but warning to some people this can give a 'sugar rush' and childish behavior can result.

Other Crystal Shapes

Don't get your mind stuck on the idea of just circles for your crystals, I created a crystal spiral one night at Parihaka festival in 2010 with the help of a customer after talking to another customer who likes to build spiral shapes.
The crystals around the edge of my bed would be more correctly called a rectangle than a circle because I have glued crystals all around the edge of the bed in my campavan.
I have seen a massage bed with a false bottom and you can do a crystal layout on that then drop the top down and use the bed for a healing session as normal, this can solve the problems of the crystals wanting to fall off the patients body.

Remember it is only your mind that provides limitations....