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Frequently Asked Questions

Now That I Have My Crystals, What Do I Do With Them?


I am sure these crystals are enjoying their day out in the sun, resting on natures grass surface

A quiet beach scene

I love the energy of waterfalls

Charging your Crystal

To charge a crystal is to revitalize it. Think of what kind of energy you want to store in your crystal. We can charge our crystals with many different energies.

Use your imagination and experiment by putting your crystal in direct sunlight or moonlight, on a large crystal cluster, under a pyramid, buried in the snow, or in the earth.

Type of Energy Suggested Where (or When) to Place
Cleansing, purifying stream
Vitality, energy sea at high tide
Restful, relaxing sea at low tide
Optimism, hope new moon
Abundance, love full moon
Introspection dark of moon
Harvesting dreams fall equinox
Rebirth, renewal winter solstice
Growth spring equinox
Passion, joy summer solstice

Cleansing Your Crystals (also known as Clearing)

Crystals can collect various forms of energy from emotions, thought, touch, and many other sources. When other people handle your crystal, they leave their energy imprint on the crystal. This isn't "bad;" however, in order to make your crystal truly yours, we suggest that you remove the stored vibration. This is known as cleansing (or clearing) the crystal.

It is a good idea to cleanse your crystal when you first get it, after you use it for any healing work, or whenever you feel that the crystal lacks light, luster, and energy.

Choose whichever method or combination of methods feels right for you....


Hold the crystal in your dominant hand, or if it is large, in both your hands. Focus your thoughts on the crystal with the intention that it will become free of all negative/unwanted energy. As you hold this thought, gently blow across the crystal, infusing it with your thought.

Sea and Beach method

This is a method I suggest for those of us who are 'Beach lovers', either take your crystal to the beach or bring some beach (a cup of sand and a cup of water) home. Then place them on/next to 'your' beach, this can also be a time to have a play with them.

Note: a few crystals like Selenite dislike water, it will damage them.

Waterfall method

This variation is my personal favourite as I love the energy and feel of waterfalls. Take your crystals to at a waterfall (or bring some of that charged river water home with you)

Sun method

For those 'Sun Worshippers' among us, let your crystal enjoy a day in the sun, to soak up that lazy sun energy. Just remember that just as our harsh sun can burn us, long periods in direct sunlight will eventually fade most crystals colours.

Moon method

My favourite as a 'Moon Worshipper' is to enjoy the light of the moon along with my crystals, they may even stay out after I go to bed. I prefer the full moon but use whatever feels right for you.

The Combo deal

Liking both waterfalls and full moons my ultimate would be in the spray of the waterfall by the light of the full moon, feel free to combine methods that feel right to you.

Natures Plants

For 'Plant lovers', place your crystal in a place where they are surrounded by the energy and life force of some lovely plants, if you can leave them there for a couple of days as plant energy moves at a slower pace to the rest of us.


A wonderful Native American method of clearing is to burn white sage leaves and pass your crystal through the smoke. You can also use a smudge stick, or even a good quality White sage Incense stick (it all depends on what level feels right for you). This method also works for yourself and your environment. We prefer it for clearing jewelry. Refer to smudging

Remember to use your intuition to determine when your crystal needs clearing. Whenever you sense a decrease in its energy, a cloudiness or stickiness, it's time to clear.