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Now That I Have My Crystals, What Do I Do With Them?


A Clear Quartz Scepter

Lapis Lazuli, in a Sphere, Heart, tumbled and a wand

Clear Quartz Sphere

A holder for your Tee light candles is a simple and practical way to use crystals

Shapes of Crystals

In choosing a crystal it is helpful not only to consider the particular characteristics of the stone itself, but also its shape. None of what I've written here is intended to be the last word on the qualities of particular shapes. Nor is it intended to discourage you from experimenting. Your particular relationship with a crystal is always the most valid source of information.

Terminated Crystals

Generally speaking, I and many others have found that in terms of intensified and directed energy there is no more powerful shape than a natural termination (point) such as are found in quartz, amethyst, citrine, and smoky quartz, among others. This is because a termination centers and focuses energy.

They are very useful for programming because when you put the energy of your intention into them they focus it; you might say they point to your goal.

They are also very helpful in breaking up energy blockages. One of the things you can do in a crystal healing/meditation is to rotate a quartz point over an area which feels congested.

If you don't know about a congestion from feeling it you may know it exists because of an imbalance in your life. For example, if you have difficulty in feeling self-esteem this is a third-chakra blockage. To work on this (among other actions) you could rotate a quartz point in a clockwise direction over the navel/solar plexus area. Doing this can be more effective if you place a citrine in this area.

Holding a termination in your hand when you meditate will help you to focus on meditation.

The most common form for a crystal point is a simple termination. Variations include double-terminated points (points at both ends) gemini (twin) crystals, tabular (flat) points, window crystals (with a diamond shape on the point), and channeling crystals.


The energy of a pyramid is generally less intense than of a terminated crystal. Although it comes to a point the angle of this point isn't as narrow.

Probably the most important function of a pyramid is to draw spiritual energy through the point and to ground it at the base. It helps to blend spiritual and physical energies.

This is especially helpful for people who fear that a sudden influx of spiritual energies will leave them feeling ungrounded and disoriented. Because a pyramid grounds these energies this is less likely to happen.

To gain insights about a particular blockage you can place a pyramid on the appropriate location of the physical body. For example, to understand the emotional roots of an illness you might place an aventurine pyramid on the heart area. Visualize awareness and healing flowing through the point of the pyramid and spreading throughout the heart chakra.

Crystal Hearts

A heart is one of the most special symbolic shapes, for it reminds us of the power of love. To give someone a heart as a gift is a way of saying that your own heart is open to them.

Hearts make beautiful additions to crystal arrangements or on an altar. If you like the idea of putting stones on your body when you meditate hearts are both symbolically powerful and, unlike some rolling stones, stay where you put them.

Hearts also make ideal crystal shapes to program for your heart's desire. Programming is a way of charging a crystal with the energy of your wishes and dreams. See our article on programming for more information.


The shape of an egg is less focused than that of a pyramid. It does come to a rounded point, but doesn't have a flat base.

Historically, the egg symbolizes fertility, and a fertilized egg eventually becomes a living being. When we translate this into spiritual terms we see the egg shape as symbolizing the first stage for the realization of our goals and dreams.

For example, if you are feeling vulnerable and perhaps low in self-esteem and want to change this you could meditate with a hematite egg. Meditate, holding the egg in your hand .

Imagine the situations (or people) which arouse vulnerable feelings in you. feel the energy of hematite encircling you like a shield or armor. Ask what you can do to change this situation, how you can be different. See yourself responding to the situation or person in an appropriate way (for example, by being assertive). Visualize yourself being this way until it feels real and powerful to you.

Repeat as needed.

You can also program your egg for the results you have envisioned. Please see the article on programming.

After you've programmed the egg you can continue to meditate with it. You may find that it's even more helpful.


The sphere represents completion, fullness, the realization of all possibilities. It has no beginning or end.

To carve a sphere one must cut away a mass of crystal which can be as much as ten times the finished creation. A sphere symbolizes all that we need to release in order to reach the realization of our own innate perfection.

In Feng Shui, the ancient art of creating optimal energy flow in an environment, disharmony is created by sharp angles and edges. In that context a sphere is the most harmonious form possible. Because of its balancing energy it is ideal to place in the center of a room (called the T'ai Chi). It's also the perfect centerpiece for a crystal arrangement or for an altar.

Because it has no beginning or end it can place us very much in the here and now. Some find that holding a sphere while they meditate helps them to release worry and take them to a deeper state.