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Now That I Have My Crystals, What Do I Do With Them?


Sister Kerry inside a Crystal circle at a Magick Earth Festival

Crystal Workshops

I have given into suggestions from others and I am now running several Crystal Workshops for various levels of interested people out there.

All these workshops will be smallish groups and involve hands on practice with a range of crystals including building Crystal Circles etc.



1)       Crystals Basics: this will cover

         Crystal selection

         Dyed crystals

         Manmade crystals

         Basic Crystal Cleaning & Cleansing  

         How to use / Where to put your crystals

         Building shapes circles

         Hands on class exercise to build a quartz circle

         Rough vs Smooth and tumbling

         Natural shapes

         Simple Manmade shapes

2)       Crystals Continued: this will cover

         Crystals and how they form

         More about Crystal selection 

         Hands on play with a selection of more unusual crystals

         Dyed crystals

         Manmade crystals

         Out of this World Tektites & Moldavite

         Crystal Cleaning & Cleansing  

         Crystal healing  

         Crystal programming

         Building shapes circles, spirals, grids etc

         Rough vs Smooth and tumbling

         Special natural shapes (Quartz, Pyrite, Shiva lingam, Boji stones, Sceptre)

         Manmade shapes (heart, thumb stones, sphere, pyramid, skull, palm stone etc)

         Special things to look for - Inclusions, Rainbows, Windows, Phantoms, Rutile, Tourmaline

         Crystals, Chakras and how they fit together