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Drumming, Fire and Dancing

These three elements are natural complements for each other.

  I am a mad keen drummer who would like the whole world to get into drumming....

Drumming has great healing properties and can convert anger and 'bad' energy into 'good' energy and would help to solve many of the worlds problems


Fire is one of man's earliest Tools and holds a fascination for many of us

Much as I enjoy watching fire and playing with it my youngest son Daniel is mad keen and pretty good.

Many Fire Tools are now available including, Poi, Wands, short and long staff staff, Hula hoops, devil sticks, Diablo, whip and juggling sticks,

we now stock most of these fun fire toys from HOP and Fire stuff. LED versions are also available for increased safety and indoor use.

In my travels around the country and the world I have always had a warm welcome from other drummers and fire dancers

Dance is something we can and should all do, it doesn't have to be fancy, just let the rhythm take you....

 As drummers we Support fire dancers and other dancers who take our Rhythm, play with it, and make it visible for all


There are Regular Drum and Fire Dance "Happenings" around the country, we have come across some in Auckland, these mainly go into Hibernation over Winter

Starting when it gets dark, some will practice with non-fire toys before then, come along and watch or join in, they are "mostly harmless", drummers are also welcome

Tuesday Nights at Tahaki Reserve has been suspended until the warmer weather returns.

Sunday Night @ Mission Bay, Auckland - Charlie has gone but the fire spinners remain, Steve is providing the Music & Fuel for this one

Moonfest - Full Moon drumming at Tahaki reserve on the side of Mt Eden in Auckland from about 7pm till late. The area is well sheltered and covered. See coming events for more details

Palmerston North University Club spin on Tuesday nights at the Uni

Full Moon drumming in Wellington

Tuesday night is Fire night in Frank Kitts park Wellington


Click to our Links page for more Fire in NZ