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Havago Community Circus & Drumming

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Drum Circle Facilitation, Sales, Hire, Workshops and Drum Construction.

Being a 'Mad Keen Drummer' I am involved in many aspects of drumming.

We Sell and Hire out good quality Balinese made Djembie's as they are a simple easy drum for anybody.

If you want some simple beginners beats to play with click here

Wanting a Big drum but with limited funds I decided to build my own styled on the Japanese Taiko and based around a Wine Barrel. I had seen several built by others and I was fortunate in that the Universe connected me with 'Brian' who has probably built more of these in NZ than anybody else. The first of these big drums was completed late in 2008 and continues to be shared with people everywhere.

New Workshops

Build your own American Indian drum Workshops - We have now found somebody who can do this so we are looking for interested people.

Skin your own Djembie Workshops - We have found somebody who can do this so we are looking for interested people.


We facilitate "Drum Circles".

We can rock on up with a van full of Djembies,

we just need people and a venue.

Talk to us if you are interested.

All skill levels catered for......

Pete can teach anybody to drum, even those who tell him they have no rhythm

because while your heart is still beating you have rhythm. 

Drummer Boy Pete: 021 0572722


A lovely Henna art work on our friend Alison's Djembie

Our mate Charlie having a play with 'Abby' my big parade drum