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Himalayan Salt Lamps and Products

Benefits of Himalayan Salt

There is now scientific evidence on the many health benefits of including negative ions in your environment.

Our surroundings are dominated by the technology of so called 'conveniences' of computers, televisions, copy machines, printers, microwave ovens, air conditioners and heaters, just to name a few.  These conveniences emit excessive amounts of positive ions into the air we breath, which can result in mental and physical exhaustion and effect overall wellness.

Perhaps you have noticed that your feeling of well being is intensified in pure mountain air, or at the seashore, or after a thunderstorm. This is due to the higher concentration of negative ions in these surroundings.

Negative Ion Health Benefits

Europeans have been aware of the HEALTH BENEFITS of salt for generations, and people suffering from chronic congestive problems go to clinics located in salt mines for treatment! Itís called SPELEOTHERAPY. The very dry, negative ion-rich environment of these salt mines helps to clear out the patientsí bronchial tubes and sinuses, and to kill bacteria and other microbes.

Himalayan Salt is extracted by hand from the deepest and farthest levels of the mines, located in the biggest salt range of the world. The salt range is located at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.  It derives its name from extensive deposits of Crystal salt, which are one of the richest salt fields in the world; they are of Precambrian age. All mining is done by hand. Use of dynamite is strictly prohibited to preserve the structure of the crystals. Mining by hand is slow and expensive.

Today's common salt is chemically refined; all of the natural minerals are removed as they are considered to be impurities and reduced only to sodium and chloride. This process made the salt unhealthy; it is not a natural element and is poison to the body. Eating common table salt results in the formation of edema, or excess fluid in the body tissue, which is also the cause of cellulite. That's why doctors say to avoid salt. For every gram of sodium chloride that the body cannot get rid of, the body uses twenty-three times the amount of cell water to neutralize this salt. That makes our body weak and prone to diseases.

Himalayan Salt is however pre-pollution and without environmental impact. It is absolutely pristine, purest, totally natural, unrefined, cleanest and most complete Salt available. Contains up to 84 minerals and trace elements.

It is identical in minerals to the ancient primal ocean with all the minerals and trace elements our body needs. These natural minerals are identical to the minerals, which our bodies have evolved with and are also originally found existing in the primal ocean.

Where to Use  Salt Lamps & Salt Candle Holders

The benefit of ionizers is well known. While most ionizers on the market are man made machines, the salt candle tea light holder and Salt Lamp are a beautiful alternative of mother nature, without any noise and NO harmful OZONE!

In Your Home: Use in bedrooms, living rooms, hall ways or anywhere else where you want to create a tranquil, cozy, relaxing and serene atmosphere.

Office and Computer Users: Place near your computer to reduce fatigue and EMF (electro magnetic pollution) created by office equipment. It will also improve your concentration.

Meditation: Use for Yoga and meditation: When you repose in peace and quiet, a Salt Candle near you is known to enhance your meditative experience.

Feng Shui: A few Salt Candles are placed at strategic spots will enhance chi. A salt candle in the relationship corner will be greatly beneficial.

Massage Rooms: A salt candle or two in the massage room will greatly enhance and create a soothing, relaxing, calming and refreshing environment.

Natural Health Centers: A Salt Candle glowing in your consulting or treating room assists the healing process and creates a calming environment.

Psychiatrist: A salt candle or two in the waiting room will create a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

Allergy Sufferers: A Salt Candle in your vicinity will help your wellness and keep the air around you clean, ionized naturally, and beautifully.