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The Ultimate test - Are you a JUNK HOARDER?

This questionnaire will help you to access just how much clutter has accumulated in your life.

Score two points for a ĎYesí, One for a ĎSometimesí and zero for a ĎNoí

1      Your wardrobe is stuffed with clothes that you donít wear.

2      Odd socks and tights that have seen better days lurk in bedroom drawers.

3      You keep magazines for more than a year.

4      You have several appliances that donít work, but never get around to getting them fixed.

5      Piles of newspapers are stacked for recycling, but you never take them to the recycling center.

6      Old suntan creams and discarded cosmetics hibernate at the back of the bathroom cabinet.

7      There is a cache of old sports gear or leisure equipment, which has been used once and then relegated to the loft, never to be seen again.

8      There is a drawer full of mysterious old keys that donít seem to open anything.

9      Piles of old, often not very good, holiday photos of people that you donít remember are now taking up cupboard space.

10    Your handbag and purse are awash with old notes, bus and train tickets, receipts from months ago and other useless trivia.

11    Old files, papers and pens that donít work have found a permanent home in your briefcase.

12    Your car is rattling with apple cores, cassette tapes that have died, and chocolate wrappers.

13    You are reluctant to invite friends to stay in your spare room because it has so much old furniture in it.

14   You have pieces of furniture that are in need of some sort of repair.

15   Unfashionable and unloved ornaments are tucked out of sight in one of your      cupboards.

16   Your garage is so full of junk that you canít get the car in it anymore.

17   You have a collection of old, rusting garden equipment that you never use.

18   People keep tripping over all the boxes and other items that you store in the hall.

19   You still have theatre or music programs from several years ago.

20   Your computer is crammed with files that you never refer to anymore. 

The results

15-20   Your home and life are well and truly cluttered. Itís time for drastic action, so work out what you can happily chuck out. Now consider what extra storage you need for the valued possessions that have survived the cull. Look at the storage you already have and decide how new furniture will fit in, before rushing out and buying.

10-14   Clutter is building up, so get a grip on it now.

5-9       You do not have a problem with clutter yet, but do monitor yourself.

Below 5  Congratulations - Your home is virtually clutter-free so try to keep it that way.