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Affirmation, Oracle and Tarot Cards

I believe it is important to keep your life in balance..... balance between good stuff and bad stuff, balance between serious and not so serious or fun stuff..... balance between frowns and smiles.....

In general life gives us more than enough 'bad' or serious stuff so some 'good' and or 'soft and fluffy' stuff is required to provide a balance with that.

Affirmation cards and Oracle cards are an easy way to top up your life with good/soft fluffy stuff.

I also don't believe that you can overdose on this kind of good stuff.... but not enough good stuff in your life is a serious problem.

So you now have no excuse for letting the bad stuff get to you and bury you, as you know a simple and easy way to get some good soft fluffy type stuff anytime you need it.

So start each day a better way and keep your cards near the bed or where you will remember to use them. Grab your deck and shuffle them, if a card or two fall out they are extra important, otherwise cut your card from either the top, the bottom or somewhere in between, whatever feels right.

So what's the difference between these 3 types of cards ?

Affirmation cards are the easiest of cards to use, and can be used by almost anybody from around age 7 onwards, the deck just contains cards with Beautiful positive messages on. Start each Day by shuffling the pack and pulling your 'message for the day'.

Oracle cards can be used as per affirmation cards, as simple message cards or to do a tarot reading. We stock all of the Oracle cards from Doreen Virtue and a number of other creators including Cheryl Richardson, Lucy Cavendish and Toni Carmine Salerno (who does all his own amazing art work).

Tarot Cards take a little more skill to understand but to simplify matters we carry several decks designed for beginners that come complete with a guide book. We also carry a number of other decks from the classic 'Rider Waite' to very vibrant 21 century decks.

So how do I choose ?

Here I will give you the same advice that I give about crystals.....

Disconnect your Brain and Open your Heart. Choose the one that draws/excites you.

If there is a demo deck open it up, look thru the cards, if you are seeing images that appeal to you, then you are on the right track. If not put that deck down and pick up another one. The final test is to shuffle the cards and then draw a card, when you have the right deck the messages tend to be very meaningful and not random at all.