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Pebbles and Potions


Purveyors of New Age and Pagan supplies

 "We only sell what we believe in"






 Affirmation/Oracle/Tarot Cards - Demo packs for you to test drive before you buy

Alter Cloths - and wall hangings to decorate your special place

Bags and Pouches - for your cards, crystals, purse or even a hand bag

Books - We stock what most bookshops won't, New Age, Alternative Health, Pagan, and Witchy

Boxes - Wooden and Resin to hold your cards, crystals, oils or what have you

Bumper Stickers - Over 170 excuses to Laugh, and Laughter is the best Medicine

Candle holders - some caved from crystal and some crafted in Resin

Cauldrons - Our customers asked for them so we imported some lovely Cast iron ones

Crystals - A huge variety of Raw, Tumbled, Shaped, etc all personally selected by me, I deal with several suppliers so I can get the best quality and range but at a reasonable price. We are also good at tracking down unusual pieces thru our contacts..... just ask.

Dragons - As a dragon lover I will always have dragons on the table (in Western civilisation the Dragon's bad reputation was purely because he had a poor Public Relations Manager, unlike Eastern civilisation where the Dragon was well respected and loved).

Drums - We sell various drums to play, these are not just for looking at, we strongly encourage the Healing Power of Drumming. As mad keen drummers we also facilitate Drum circles, build drums, run drum making/repair workshops and hold beginners drum workshops.

Feng Shui - I-Ching coins, Buddha, Celestial Creatures, Money Frogs, Toads and more

Fire Performers Fuel - We sell Kerosene and Pagasol, quantities from 1 to 200 liters

Fire Toys - from Fire Stuff and Home of Poi. Staff, Poi, Devil sticks, Diabilo and more, for day time use, then fire and LED based versions for when the sun goes down.

Giftware - Pens, Notebooks, Mugs, Chalice's, Bowls, Mirrors, Clocks, Wall hangings and Key rings are just some of our stock

Health balls or Stress balls - These are health tools, not just ornaments

Herbs - A selection of herbs, gums and resins from around the world, Charcoal blocks to burn them on and lovely Brassware to burn them in

Himalayan Salt Lamps - Rough shapes, Bowls, Balls, Pyramid etc, great for your health

Incense - A large range of beautiful Nag Champa, Kamini and Darshan Incense from India

Jewellery - A Lovely selection of Sterling Silver, Pewter and Crystal

Juggling - from Fling Juggling and Home of Poi. Poi, Devil sticks, Diabilo and more, for day time use, then fire and LED based versions for when the sun goes down.

'Nemesis Now' Range of beautiful Pagan Giftware - imported by our friend's at Mt Meru

Oil Vaporizers - Electric Oil Vaporizers, the safe way to use oils in the home and office, we stock both Functional and Beautiful models

Pagan Supplies - As pagans we want to help fellow pagans find what they want and need.

Snuffers - to put your candle out

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bells and Tingshas - From Nepal, great for cleansing etc

Wind Chimes - With their lovely sound you can transform bad energy into good energy

White Sage Smudge Sticks - We import these from the USA, great for cleansing

Wonderful Witchy Stuff -  Herbs, Alter cloths, Scrying Bowls, Chalice, Mirrors and more

      Photo: Kerry playing in one of my Crystal Circles


Photo: My son Daniel manning the stall