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What is the “Mind Body and Spirit Collective" ?

In the beginning we were individual sellers who attended the same fairs, we often had differing products and services but most of us had similar spiritual beliefs, over time we began to get to know each other. This developed to the point where we became friends and part of a small spiritual community, if you could not find your power lead when setting up your stand you knew you could borrow one from one of the others; your neighbor would also watch your stand for you when you made a quick stop in the little room. We learnt to trust one another and look out for one another, setup begins with hugs for all and you get another hug from everybody before you leave at the end of the show.

   Photo: Kerry playing in one of my Crystal Circles

Over time the friendships developed to where, trapped in a strange town together we would go out for dinner on the Saturday night.

Mother Kaden became the matriarch of the informal group and the rest of us became like brothers and sisters, having a laugh and a joke with each other or even breaking into song while setting up and packing down, thus lifting the energy around us. You knew that when one of us broke down on the side of the road the others would stop and help. Actually it was even better than a real family because we selected only those who were compatible with us. As time passed new stall holders who passed the test and could meld in with us were also adopted into the family adding new products and services. Although Kaden has passed over to the other side her presence still watches over us all.

We continue to accept others who share our beliefs into our group.

Members of the Collective include


Pete of Pebbles and Potions

Awesome range of Raw and Polished Crystals, Jewellery, Drums, Dragons, Herbs, Books,  Affirmation/Oracle and Tarot cards, Incense, Feng Shui, Pagan giftware, Wonderful Witchy stuff etc


  Kay of The Quest

A Lovely bright yellow shop at 38 Belmont St (the main road) Paeroa), on the left going south, where you will also find lots of Lovely Crystals, Books and Cards from Pete

A reader who also stocks Jewellery, Herbs, Witchy stuff and spell ingredients, Dragons, Lovely Giftware and other beautiful things


Kerry's Coffee Pot - Tea/Real Coffee/Hot Chocolate and yummy snacks