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Kay and Kerry are the Passion

 behind KK Krystals

Both these ladies have been Crystal affected for many years and are a key players in our Spiritual Family (Kerry is actually my Real sister and Kay is one of my Adopted ones).
You won't find plain boring crystals on their stall, they specialise in personally selecting unusual and spectacular Crystals and Jewellery from around the world, given the chance they would happily wear most of their stock.
Knowledgable and friendly they both use their crystals as a part of everyday life.
Like many of us they are also followers of "The Power of Laughter" and sounds of joviality are often heard from their stall.

Kay is also the Proprietor of "The Quest" a lovely shop in Paeroa (84 Normanby Rd, on the left going south) that has a large range of our Crystals and Books in store as well a big range of herbs, Incense, Giftware and other beautiful stuff.

Kerry is also counts teaching Laughter Yoga, Crystal healing and Drumming among her skills.