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Magick Earth Festival 
also known as MEF

Gatherings and celebrations for people who follow the Earth and Nature based faiths, religions and beliefs.

April 18-21 (Easter 2014) we are heading to a new venue south west of Hamilton,
Te Kauri Lodge, on State Highway #31 halfway to Kawhia
Celebrating 10 years of Magick Earth Festivals (MEF)
(Click here for more details)

 Suitable for both beginners starting their journey and those with more experience
they are essentially focused on ........
• family and community
• the sharing of information through workshops and lectures
• the celebration of Pagan and Heathen music, art and culture.
• networking and community building through discussions and public forums

Previous people who have attended include a multitude of paths, Eclectic, Wiccan, Pagan, Heathen and Druid just to name a few, we all come together in a spirit of community and respect for others who may have a different path.

Magick Earth was established in March 2005, and held many festivals around the North Island,
With the permission of Polli and Ed who created it and own the name "Magick Earth" we have carried on their traditions and principals in our MEF festivals.

The difference between MEF and many other festivals is that there are no free tickets handed out, we minimise our costs so it is affordable and we encourage participation by everybody to create a community where we help each other, we share the work load and we share our knowledge and experience.

MEF features stalls, lectures, workshops and discussion forums as well as rituals appropriate to the timing or theme of the festival. You may also find drumming circles or bardic circles. They have also become a place for folks to get together for Rites of Passage ceremonies such as Wiccanings (or Namings) and Handfastings (Weddings).

MEF is a very family friendly place, most of us have kids and they enjoy mixing together and entertaining each other in a loosely supervised environment.

It is about honoring our Earth Mother, our Ancestors, celebrating our individual chosen paths and connecting with like-minded souls from many different traditions.

So I welcome any and all who wish to come along and get yourself a dose of uplifting pagan community spirit.

Due to a minimal advertising budget we encourage you to spread the word to others who may be interested.

At this time we would also like suggestions of lectures and workshops you would like to attend and suggestions of people who could be encouraged to offer workshops.

Only Stall Holders who are compatible with our community will be there, this means they are pagans themselves and their products and services are craft or pagan related.

Here are some of the comments seen on Facebook about Holly frost 2010:

Had The Most AWESOME weekend ever! Met many wonderful people, hugged them all, gave 12 massages, saw and experienced and talked about things that will stay in my mind for many years, sang, danced, did laughter yoga, Medieval combat, drumming, made many awesome friends and cant wait to do it again soon! Love and hugs to all

Hi, my name is xxxxxxxxx. I'm a MEF addict.

What an amazing weekend, spent in the hinterland of Kaimai Ranges. New friends, some lights turned on, community living, making music, dance and entertainment, nature, rain and sunshine, rituals and chanting. Fantastic. Blessings to all the new friends I have made and blessings to all the older friends reacquainted xxx

You have done your job well. I am now a MEF addict to.
Still bouncing.

had a good time at MEF i hope everyone had a good time and i wanna say thank you to everyone there for everything i love you all

WOW What an awesome weekend MEF rocks!!!!! Made some cool new friends and caught up with ones I have not seen for a while.

Back from Magick earth, awesome weekend, reconnected with friends, made new ones. Always love being there. Its a pity we cant have one every weekend

omg mef rocked thanks to everyone there and for all the things that we learnt cant believe its been a year and a bit since i went to the last moot but it shows that pagans are family no mater what and you cant go there with expectations or views of what things should be

yup i was wary last year because i wasn’t use to being surrounded by other pagans i had online pagan friends but you guys helped me realise that i was a part of a warm loving environment

MEFs rule hun always have and they seem to get better every time